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SpearGROW Compost


  • Potting
  • Digging in
  • Soil improving
  • Vegetable plots
  • Seeds and cuttings
  • Hanging baskets and flower tubs

SpearGROW Compost is a peat free, 100% organic, multi-purpose growing medium. The organic matter kick starts plant development and aids water retention. It’s friable nature makes it ideal for digging in as a soil improver resulting in a soil that is fertile and easier to work with.

Key Benefits:

  • Peat free
  • 100% organic
  • Aids water retention
  • Fertile - feeds for up to 6 weeks
  • Friable - easy to work and barrow
  • Typically pH natural

Available in a 0.85 cubic metre dumpy bag, covering 12m2 at a depth of 75 millimetres

Technical Specifications

SpearGROW Compost contains:

  • 23.9% Very Coarse Sand
  • 31.67% Coarse Sand
  • 29.47% Medium Sand
  • 11.71% Fine Sand
  • 2.33% Very Fine Sand
  • 0.92% Silt and Clay

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