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SpearGROW Pre-Turfing/Autumn Fertiliser

Fertiliser for use before laying turf, seeding and in the Autumn as a lawn feed.


  • Pre turf
  • Pre seeding
  • Autumn feeding

To establish a new lawn from turf it is advisable to apply SpearGROW Pre-Turfing/Autumn Lawn Feed to the soil and incorporate into the surface. Fertiliser will provide the turf with a consistent nutrient supply, improving it’s ability to establish quickly with a strong root system. Within the first 10 weeks of being laid turf that is established quickly and healthily is better able to withstand disease and bad weather.

Pre-turf fertiliser is low in Nitrogen but has a high content of Phosphorus and Potassium which encourages healthy root development in the early stage of establishment. SpearGROW Pre-Turfing/Autumn Lawn Feed can also be applied to an existing lawn in September or October to provide all the nutrients required over the winter period helping to withstand pests, diseases and stimulate root growth.

The product is supplied in a 2.5 kilogramme pack as a mini prill (1-1.5mm granular size) covering a 100m2 lawn at 25g/m2. The mini prill falls into the base of the sward minimising any potential scorch to the plant leaf, however accurate application is essential using a spinning disc garden spreader.

Recommend application is at 25 g/m2. For best results apply as 2 applications of 12.5g/m2 in 2 different directions, about 7 days apart.

Key Benefits:

  • Peat free
  • 100% organic
  • Aids water retention
  • Fertile - feeds for up to 6 weeks
  • Friable - easy to work and barrow
  • Typically pH natural

Available in a 0.85 cubic metre dumpy bag, covering 12m2 at a depth of 75 millimetres

Technical Specifications

SpearGROW Pre-Turfing/Autumn Lawn Feed contains:

  • 5% Nitrogen (N) - To promote leaf growth giving a lush green appearance
  • 10% (P:0.87%) Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) - To keep the roots strong and healthy
  • 15% (K:5.81%) Potassium Oxide (K2O) - Helps fight disease and increases water absorption

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