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SpearGROW Spring/Summer Fertiliser

Spring lawn feed.


  • Spring and summer feeding

SpearGROW Spring/Summer Lawn Feed provides your lawn with an initial feed of nutrients to produce a healthy looking lawn, feeding both the leaves and the roots.

The slow release elements keep a steady supply of nutrients to the plant maintaining healthy growth, this however does not create excessive leaf growth leading to increased mowing frequency.

The product is supplied in a 2.5 kilogramme pack as a mini prill (1-1.5mm granular size) covering a 100m2 lawn at 25g/m2. The mini prill falls into the base of the sward minimizing any potential scorch to the plant leaf, however accurate application is essential using a spinning disc garden spreader.

Recommend application is at 25 g/m2. For best results apply as 2 applications of 12.5g/m2 in 2 different directions, about 7 days apart.

Technical Specifications

SpearGROW Spring/Summer Lawn Feed contains:

  • 14% Nitrogen (N) - To promote leaf growth giving a lush green appearance
  • 2% (P:0.87%) Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) - To keep the roots strong and healthy
  • 7% (K:5.81%) Potassium Oxide (K2O) - Helps fight disease and increases water absorption

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